Friday, May 05, 2006


I've noticed something about people lately. It started with a book I read about community and the church. As I try to keep my eyes open walking through life, I'm noticing how we all seem to draw relational lines in the sand.
When relationships get to certain points, we seem to keep ourselves from going deeper. Myers asserts that that can be okay and that it's important to realize that not all relationships will grow to the same level.
Here's why I'm thinking so much about this: I think sometimes we draw lines in relationships because we aren't willing to let them get any deeper. Sometimes, I think we just decide they are too much work, or it would be too humbling to let that relationship continue.
I have done this more times than I would like to admit.
In observing church life in and outside of the states it seems like we are great at these lines, especially where there is hurt or the perception of wrongdoing. Looking at the scriptural model of Christ's bride always brings me back to a very different habit, a habit of reconciliation.
I've been reading through Romans very slowly and keep coming being convicted of the tremendous love and effort Christ demonstrated so that we might be reconciled to God. And then I have to come back and consider my earthly relationships and how lazy and stubborn I have been. I realize that I haven't been willing to pursue peace and there are many relationships that I haven't given life to because of my line in the sand.
I think it's also important to dream for a moment. I think if we, the church, were to embrace a lifestyle of reconciliation we would see a changed world. People taking risks to salvage relationships paints a poignant picture to a world in need of hope. May I be open to giving life and peace to the relationships I've been given.



Blogger ~Melissa~ said...

How good are you to capture two topics in one post! If only we weren't so selfish in our desires and could love others the way Christ loves us. Longing for Heaven when this is the way!

Reconciliation is a tough subject but you covered it well and made me think about my relationships. Where's my line... hmmm.

Love ya!

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