Saturday, May 13, 2006


From a youth ministry standpoint, it's been one great week. I like how marko talks about his small group so I'll try to follow suit. Below are abbreviated accounts of three conversations with students this week.

1. Wednesday night discipleship group (note: our first meeting)
me--so I'd like to do this every week.
guys--okay, that'd be cool
me--and i think it'd be good if we took some time to talk about some spiritual stuff
me--but it'll mean we'll have to be honest with each other. it could be hard
guys--that's okay.
guys--let's go look at cds

2. Friday night youth group: (R)evolve
girl--So is it possible for someone who's never been "preached to" to go to heaven?
guy1--Yeah, you have to think about it in terms of general revelation and stuff.
guy2--it's about choices.
girl--so even though the aztecs believed God hated them, they could've chosen to follow God based on what had been revealed?
me--(thinking to myself)--wow, not sure i need to be here, they're doing pretty well on their own. and how many high schoolers have i ever met that throw around general revelation?
guy3--when are we gonna eat?

3. Friday night on msn
guy--can i ask you a question?
guy--what do i need to do to get baptized?
me--explaining a little to him
guy--sweet. could i do that as soon as exams are over?
This from a guy that says very little in Sunday school and has been tough to get to know. But wow, he's thinking!

I have such a cool job.



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