Monday, June 05, 2006


I went back and forth on whether to call this post reality or transitions as both seem appropriate. Reality in Hong Kong means transitions. Everything is in a constant state of change here, especially the people.
It’s no secret that Hong Kong isn’t one of those places that’s considered good to lay roots. Here you just stop by for a few years and move on. Even the locals don’t consider it home because they’re “from” somewhere else.
This is all on my mind because I helped my good friend Chris pack up and move the last of the big things in their flat. It was great to spend the time with Chris, but packing up his stuff means he and his wife are really moving. And that just blows.
Then Brian came over as is our family tradition on Monday night. I love this time and I love Brian. The reality of the situation is that he moves in less than 4 weeks and only has one more Monday night at the Roses.
Both of these men have greatly impacted my life and will be missed. They aren’t dead so it’s not like our friendships are ending, they just won’t be close by anymore.
When I saw the picture of Athania in their very empty flat it brought me back to one of the toughest moments of my life. Right before I left to finish my last two years of college my mom and dad moved from Geneva to Dover, Ohio. It was clearly God’s calling and it’s been awesome to see how God has protected and taken care of my folks but also my family in Geneva. That being said, I will never forget the horrible feeling that came over me as I laid on the floor of our empty parsonage in Geneva with my friend Nate and said goodbye. Nate’s never been a man of many words so all he said was, “I guess this isn’t home anymore.”
With all the changes that have gone on in Minnesota, I wonder, will that still be home. Will it still feel like that’s the place we can always go back to? Obviously the church(es) has/have changed, but what about the people? Will little Nowthen become a little too much like Hong Kong where people just pass through without laying down any roots? I hope not.
As I shared earlier, I believe in the church, and I believe that church is about demonstrating to our world what it means to live together under one cause (Christ), affirming our differences while playing to our strengths. I don’t believe that God is anywhere near close to being done with the Church and I hope that we humans are able to see that we express such a powerful message of love to our world when we lay down some roots and work through the tough stuff.
The reality of today is that change happens. People move. Transitions are imminent. And in the truth of all that lies the joy of seeing God change lives, everyday. And many of those days I feel like He’s changing me.


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