Monday, June 12, 2006


The past three weeks have been frenzied. As tired as that may make me, I like it when life moves fast, for the most part. There are some things I wish I could slow down.
I wish I could slow the growth of my little girl. She changes every day and I just don’t know how much change I can handle.

I wish i could slow down those really great moments with students. You know, the ones when you’re riding a ski lift with one of your boys and he asks the tough question that shows he’s thinking. Or that moment when you realize one of your girls is honest with you when you ask how she’s doing. Or when your whole group responds in a way that just blows you away as they show they want a relationship with Christ that can truly change the world.
I wish I could slow down those moments when God’s leading is so evident that to miss it would be impossible. Or when His voice is so clear that it’s audible. Or when my eyes are opened to His Word that makes me a changed man.
I wish I could slow down those moments at Starbucks with Melissa where we are able to talk deeply and honestly about what it means to walk by faith.

A former youth groupie wrote about the need to make the most of every moment of our lives. I fear that many have become like me at times; always wishing to slow down or speed up certain stages of life.
So, for today, I want to live in the joy and sorrow of the moment. I will forever remember a great man, Monty Cook. He became a grandfather to me long after mine had passed.
I will remember the moments we had with Brian and Scott tonight. The moment is one of many that are bittersweet. We welcomed a new member to our staff yesterday evening, and this week will say goodbye to a Pastor that has taught me volumes while saying little.

Today, the frenzy continues but I’m going to keep moving with the moment.


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