Thursday, December 28, 2006

80 Percent

A couple of days ago, a pretty major earthquake hit southern Taiwan, killing a few people and injuring many more. This was especially hard for this part of the world to take as two years ago to the day, on Boxing Day, the Tsunami left southern Asia decimated.
Thankfully this natural disaster was much smaller in scope. Still, people suffered great loss. For this, I am saddened.
I am more saddened at what I have learned of myself during this time. The earthquake knocked out over 80% of telecommunications in Taiwan and a significant amount in all of southern Asia, including Hong Kong. What that really means: Hong Kong had no internet access for 48 hours.
I'm embarrassed to state that my mind was much more consumed with the devastation of not having the world wide web than it was filled with compassion for those that are suffering greatly around us.
Obviously the internet is back, southern Asia has full contact with the rest of the world. I just hope it hasn't come at a price of forgetting about those who need help, prayer, compassion and mercy.


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