Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The following is from the front page of our Christmas Newsletter to Parents.

The season of Christmas brings a mixed bag of emotions. It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate together, as families. It’s nice to get a couple of days of from work. It’s a time full of stress, extra running around, and of course, last minute shopping. For some, it’s also a reminder of painful memories or missing someone you love. Whatever emotions fill you this year, my prayer is that one will remain central: hope.
The birth of Jesus Christ changed the meaning of that four letter word forever. No longer would our God be unapproachable. Love would be forever reinvented in a manner that this world will never fully grasp. The world we now call home has become not only a small part of our eternal lives, but that place we express the love of Christ to others in tangible ways. It’s the place where we pass on the hope that Christ has given us.
This season, I pray that we will, together, love in such a way that our world sees a glimpse of the hope that we have in Christ Jesus!



Blogger Hannah said...

Two things...
One, glad you got that part of the newsletter done; and two, I really like it! Holy Cow...your posts have been deep lately...way to get serious, Rev...=)hd

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