Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We celebrated my birthday Sunday and yesterday in what will be a day I store in the memory banks for the rest of my life. It wasn't so much what I got or even what we did that touched me so deeply. It was much more than that.
Our youth threw a surprise party for me during Sunday School that started the love fest for Mike. I know that Melissa and Hannah organized most of it but the love I felt from the kids was still sincere. I felt as though we were celebrating together as a family. We're not a perfect family but we are a family and much love was felt in that room toward one another.
Yesterday was family day. We walked, we played, we talked and we ate a LOT! All of it was done together and dinner even included more family through the Friar and Geeta. They have become family and we love them dearly.
I don't rejoice often enough at this family that being a member of the Kingdom of God provides for us. No matter where we go, we can join together, worshiping One God. That moves me.
We were able to video chat with my parents and talk over the phone to my sis and bro-in-law, all spreading that love that only a family can.
To make the day even more special, I have heard from a handful of former students that just wanted to spread the love. So much of our ministry in Minnesota was spent introducing students to the God of love that it was very special to be on the receiving end of that love through students.
And finally, the love that my wife demonstrates is simply other-worldly. I don't just love her, I admire the woman that she is. She demonstrates the love of Christ in such tangible ways that you can't help but want that kind of relationship. That's why so many are drawn to her. It's fun to see our daughter reflect that kind of love even at 18 months.
Thanks to all that have made this a very special birthday. Yep, I'm 29 and according to Daniel, that means I'm only young for another 364 days so I better enjoy it.


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