Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm off to Camp today with the 5th and 6th Graders from CAIS. I'm stoked to share with them what God has laid on my heart and also pretty nervous as I've not done much with students that young. It will be a great chance to get to know many of them and I can't wait to be in camp atmosphere again.
Please pray that this bronchitis I have won't act up. I only need a voice for 3 days, then it can go if need be. Even more, please pray for Melissa as she's with Isabella alone a little longer. Izzy's not been feeling well making her a little bit of handful.
On an amazing note, I got to talk with a young guy last night that wanted to follow Christ. This was a kid that no one thought would ever want to know God. I am amazed at how God works. I'm also so humbled that I get to be a little part of that.

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