Monday, October 30, 2006


The average Hong Konger seems to believe that life should be fast, busy, hectic, and full. Why? I suspect because it allows us to feel a sense of validation and purpose. We live here, wearing our stress as a badge of honor. If one is to ask how you're doing, you have to answer, "I'm so busy, I'm doing this, that and the other." (In our minds I think we're saying "look at me", I do this much).
I am as guilty of this as anyone.
As I've been spending time in the scriptures lately, I keep coming back to this concept of self worth tied how much I do. The more I reflect on this, the more my heart knows how selfish it is. It's become what I call the "look at me" way of life. I do all these other things so that others will think I'm good enough for them.
It's at that moment that I need to remember life is so much bigger than me. With that, I've made a commitment to myself and my wife. I am committed to no longer telling others how busy or stressed I am. Others are stressed too and I can do so much more good by listening to others and remembering others face so much more.
It's a new day. And I'm not stressed.


Blogger Banana said... is so true! I love the commitment that you made...I might just have to try that! =) I like the way you wrote your newest post, and it's a lot easier for you b/c you don't have to worry so much about grammar and such...maybe you should do that more often, then you would blog more!!!!

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