Sunday, September 03, 2006

This season.

The new school year is starting.
That means a new season of ministry and all sorts of feelings.

I'm excited about the new crew of middle schoolers coming in. I think they will add a lot of personality to our younger core.

I'm thrilled to have Hannah as a member of our team. She's already doing an incredible job.

I'm eager to be a part of AWANA this year. I think it will give me a good glimpse into a subculture of our church that I want understand.

I'm tired.

I'm overwhelmed. Having more help has revealed how much more needs to be done. (isn't it funny how that works?)

I'm renewed. Spiritually speaking, God's been speaking in big ways lately and I'm actually hearing it.

I'm blessed. My wife makes life, parenthood, and ministry full in ways I can't utter.

I'm ready. Ohio State is the preseason number one. I'm ready for another national championship. It's time!

I'm nervous. Our youth ministry has received a total overhaul and tomorrow is the first day of the new look. God has guided the preparation but yet I'm still afraid we'll fail.

I'm anxious. What if I give it my all and it's not enough?

I'm giddy. I'm in one of those states where I just know something big is about to happen.

I'm antsy. Sometimes Hong Kong makes me feel boxed in. Today is one of those days.

I'm amazed. God keeps letting me be a part of what He's doing. How cool is that?

I'm going to bed.


Blogger sarah lu said...

yo PM!!!!!!! dude i miss you guys! so guess what. i'm in the second week of COLLEGE! dang i feel old. but im super excited to hear about how your youth group is going and stuff. and hopefully you will write more in your blog. sorry i havent been. but guess what i just auditioned for a chapel worship team and i think i did pretty good. both of the guys that were on the panel knew my brother and sister so that helped a lil i think. well, i love ya and miss ya! i'll keep praying too!

sarah lu

3:35 AM  
Blogger Banana said...

Hey YOU! Going to your blog and finding this blog as the latest blog posted is getting old, really old. Hurry up and finish those 500 drafts you've been working must b4 you leave for the states, or else... Yeah, that's right

10:35 AM  
Blogger Banana said... tag is sticking out

10:41 AM  

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