Friday, June 23, 2006


Timing is everything. It’s been a challenging week for me personally, largely due to nagging illness but also due to wrestling with some personal insecurities. I have so much to learn and my ability to rest in Christ is so often hampered by my pride. That’s the situation I found myself in as I walked into my “secret” Starbucks today.

I had just said goodbye to one of my closest friends in Hong Kong. He’s headed to Dallas Theological Seminary in the states tomorrow morning and today the day to say goodbye. Frankly, it blows. I will miss him and have been blessed by his friendship.

I needed a break. I needed a pause;I felt heavy.

As I hung my head I bumped into a man from our church that has continually invested much in me. He is a man of great wisdom that sees something in me that I sometimes wonder if is really there. Nonetheless, we shook hands, I asked if he had a minute for a quick coffee and he said yes, but only for a minute. It’s now an hour and a half later and he just went out the door. He left having encouraged my soul. He left having taken some of my burden as his own while sharing some of his with me. He left me with a sense of symbolic unity among brothers that words can’t utter. He left me feeling like maybe I wasn’t drowning. Most of all, he left me feeling as though he believed in me as a person.

I didn’t think I needed to hear that, but now that I’ve been able to drink it in, I guess I did. Lord, please help me to be Your loving voice to others as my friend was to me today.


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