Thursday, November 02, 2006

sunset cliffs

With YS starting up tomorrow, today was mainly about getting some chores done, hanging out with Lem, meeting some like minded ministry folks and spending a lot of time thinking about life. It's been good.
Three quick observations before I go to bed.

1. Wal Mart and Target totally rocked my world. I didn't know what to do with all the choices I had. I must have looked like the biggest dork in the world walking around with my eyes bugging. The weird thing is, I've only been gone a little over a year yet I felt so out of place. More on that throughout the week.

2. Chinese food in America is just not as good as Chinese food in China.

3. Lem sent me to a place called Sunset Cliffs for some time alone with God this afternoon. I'm not ready to say much yet, I'm still processing and hoping to spend a little more time there tomorrow before YS starts. I will say that it was one of those rare times in life that just felt deeply spiriitual. The feeling of being all alone just listening to the surft was surreal.

The week's off to a good start. I'm stoked to be here but am already a bit homesick. In all honesty, I'm not homesick as much as I just really miss my wife and kid. Maybe that's called homesickness. Who knows?




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