Friday, November 03, 2006

Not quite deep thoughts

The Sunset Cliffs are great. I spent two more hours there this morning before heading up to Anaheim with Lem. The silence was truly golden.
The cliffs were the perfect place to reflect on the beginning chapters of Wright's Following Jesus. At one point Wright deals with the two main names Mathew uses to refer to Christ: Jesus, our Saviour/deliverer and Emmanuel, God with us. He brings out that Matthew "celebrates the coronation of the Saviour, the God-with-us King."
The life behind that statement is deeper than I'll ever fathom.

As of 7:30pm tonight, I am an official YS Convention attendee. Not only that, but a rookie. Thanks Chris and Dan for making sure everyone knew that :)
Some first impressions:
it's setup like most other conferences I've attended, only with a lot more energy.
it was fun to watch how different people interact with each other.
there is definitely a "cool" vibe throughout the exhibit area. (ps--i'm not sure i'm cool enough to be here--heck, after being in SoCal for two days, i'm not sure i'm cool enough to be in the state).
i saw erik williams, now the working with youth pastors in the Pacific Northwest District of the CMA. A LONG time ago he was my counselor at Delta Lake Bible Camp.
got sweet deals on a bunch of stuff. i love not having to pay for shipping! it makes me happy
jet lag makes it a bit harder to take everything in. i woke up too early this morning.
the coffee at the San Diego Christian College booth is darn good and has a great story behind it. Thanks Steve!
Lem knows a ton of people
the ys bags are pretty handy

i'm tired and too busy watching the colbert report. that's all for now.



Anonymous C-Bass said...

Glad you're here bro. I keep forgetting it's your first conference because you seem like such a youth ministry veteran to me! I'm really looking forward to some deep conversations about life and the meaning of pimples. This conference has always been a highlight of my year - too bad about the jet lag though.

11:51 PM  

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