Friday, November 10, 2006


(R)evolve tonight (our Friday night youth gathering) focused on the concept of wisdom.
As we dug a little deeper into what it might look like in our lives, a great question was formed. Angela noted that most teenagers wouldn't be considered wise and she wondered why. The answers ranged from stupidity to hormones and lots in between. That's what was great about it. It became instantly personal because we were trying to work it out together.
I believe that teenagers have just as much potential for the demonstration of wisdom as adults do. I understand that their decision making abilities aren't fully developed yet and that they are still maturing but wisdom goes beyond these things. I fear that part of the reason teenagers choose not to act wisely, as our group suggested tonight, is that there is no expectation for them to act wisely. It's as if we have communicated to our teenagers that wisdom can only come with time. That is true, partially. But much of wisdom comes from the willingness to take a risk in making the hard choice. I think teens are better equipped for that than anyone. Everyday presents hard choices, many that are presented to them for the first time.
Maturity is a major component of wisdom, no doubt, it's just not the only one. I asked our group tonight what would happen if they really focused on living a life of wisdom. No one said much. That's okay. My prayer is that they won't say anything, they'll be too busy working it out in their lives.

It amazes me time and again how much I can learn from our students lives. They are working out their salvation...

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