Sunday, November 05, 2006


There are seasons in life when the picture of life seems a little clearer. There are those times when you've run out of ways to avoid looking into the mirror or listening to God. Today was that type of day. It didn't happen all at once. In fact, what God's been doing in my heart has been brewing for too long with me trying to avoid it.
There is a lot I still have to work through in relation to the condition of my soul and how it relates to ministry and service I want to share the progression of thought throughout my day:
Morning session--Matthew Barnett speaks
"Die to the dream of being a success and live to the dream of being a blessing."
my thought: I care too much about success and what people think of me
Exhibit hall time--Media Shout booth
This doesn't relate to anything but i'm stoked about how well media shout works on a mac using bootcamp
Afternoon--The Prayer Room
spent awhile literally looking in the mirror and into God's word
He directed me to Luke 11:37-44--The NIV calls it the six woes--
It was hard to read what felt very much like a commentary on my own struggles especially in relation to pride. I want so much to think I'm better than the Pharisee s and that I really "get" the Gospel yet time and again I come face to face with the reality of how little I really demonstrate true justice and love of God.
This conversation with myself then added Lem, Chris and Dan and continued over dinner at a sweet Hawaiian restaraunt. Those three men have a lot of wisdom. They stretch me.
Evening Session--Mike Pilavahci
Four quotes that hit the heart:
"He's God and I'm not and for some reason He prefers it that way"
"When Christ addresses sin He always affirmed and loved the sinner"
"Jesus started where she (the woman at the well) was, not where He was"
"Our calling is to break down the walls of the church--to be a church without walls"

The Gospel of Justice can't be just a program or a prescripted service project. It has to be more...



Blogger Banana said...

Holy Cow Batman!!! So I check your blog tons of times, and finally give up when you don't post for like a month...and then I find out you've blogged like 10 million times in the last week!!! I hung out with your wife today...we had great fun...she rocks. It sounds like you are learning a lot...can't wait to hear about it in person...see ya in a few days...

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