Sunday, January 14, 2007


Training began yesterday for the Trailwalker. It didn't so much begin and explode with a flurry of physical exertion that's been foreign to my lazy body for far too long.
The highlights:
1. The Trailwalker is an annual race that covers 100km (about 62 miles) in as little time as possible. Our leader says our goal is 20 hours.
2. Hong Kong hiking trails are paved at least 80% of the time in some way, shape, or form. This is much less agreeable on the body than good ol' terra firma.
3. After a good bit of climbing, we came to a flatter section and decided to run. Yeah, run, because somewhere that seemed like a good idea.
4. It was only 2 hours in that we were informed the "hike" would cover about 20km. But, not to worry, we'll increase the dstance gradually over the next couple of months.
5. It was hard but I loved it. I haven't spent enough time outdoors.
6. We'll do it again next week and I can't wait.



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