Friday, January 05, 2007


We continued our study of Ecclesiastes tonight at (R)evolve focusing on the issue of weight. After having everyone weigh themselves on a scale, I asked our students to write and then discuss what weighs them down in life and why?
As we talked about why we thought Solomon might have felt so depressed (see 1:8-9, 2:9-10 specifically), the depth of thought coming out of the mouths of these teenagers was well beyond their years.
As we listened to the Crowder song "Wholly Yours" the question was posed of what we life be like if we could lift our eyes beyond ourselves and lose all that weight that we carry. As I watched our kids wrestle with and respond to this I realized how much of me I've been carrying. I was leading a discussion on being free and eternally minded yet here I am coming face to face with my own frailty.
I'm glad that it was with our students that this hit me. We're on this journey together and I love that I can lead students but also be honest with them and let them know I struggle too. Somehow, I hope that brings the message to life just a little more.

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