Wednesday, January 03, 2007


W.H.Auden says it well: I want to approach the future as a friend, without a wardrobe of excuses.

I live life making a lot of excuses for things both within and outside of my control. Why? I think it’s because I try so hard to control my surroundings. One of my myriad personal challenges is my compulsive desire to be over prepared. Whenever planning is involved, I go crazy trying to think through every possible outcome, problem, lull, and scenario that may present itself.

This isn't always a bad trait to possess. It’s been a help in many situations. When it gets in the way of allowing life to happen according to God’s will is when it becomes a negative factor in life. Having all my ducks in a row isn't as necessary as I keep acting like it is.

May 2007 be a year that I approach the future and God’s will without my lenses of prognostication and simply follow where He leads.



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