Monday, February 12, 2007


Being the week of Valentine's Day it seemed like a good time to reminisce on the events surrounding falling in love with the most wonderful woman alive.

I first saw Melissa with her friend Rachel on the campus of TFC. I'd just returned to school after taking a year off to teach in China. Nate and I were coming back from a trip to Wal Mart, a daily ritual marking the kickoff of a new semester.

As we pulled back onto campus, we saw Rachel. She was one of those girls that everyone knew (in a good way), played volleyball, and was easy to get along with. Today, she happened to be with a new face. To be fair, after a year off, everything seemed new to me. I introduced her to Nate and was promptly introduced to Melissa for the first time.

I remember thinking the obvious; she's cute. I also remember noting how nervous she looked and wondering what she must be thinking. I'd transferred in during my sophomore year and really struggled to adjust. I wondered what it was like for her, transferring into the Christian bubble from a state university.

As we caught up with Rachel, Melissa didn't say much. I wouldn't have either in a situation like that. I remember being struck by her genuine interest in what I had to say though she had no idea who I was. That didn't seem to happen much.

Those eyes, watching everything we did, taking it all in, she was able to look at me in such a way that has stayed with me. The details of that meeting might be a bit shaky but I still see her eyes and how they saw me. She didn't just look at me, she saw me. I will never forget that detail.

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