Saturday, February 03, 2007


Tonight during dinner one of our students asked me how I decide what I teach on each week. This wasn't all that crazy of a question and is, in fact, one I've heard many times before. However it's usually asked in the context of "what were you thinking?" or did you honestly think that would work?".

David's question struck me as coming straight from the heart. We'd just finished our third week in the series on listening to God, this time talking about waiting and I explained that I felt like this was where God was leading our group and that I do my best to have things planned out at least a few months in advance. I shared with him that for me it's about trusting God to guide me and direct me even if I don't understand exactly how that info is getting to me. I told him I'm not such an original thinker so I have to rely on the amazing creativity of God to lead us right where He wants us to go, together.

As I finished my little ditty, he looked at me and said thanks because the past couple of weeks were just what he wanted and needed to hear.

It's amazing how God works. I felt like tonight flopped. Everyone seemed to be focused on anything but listening to God. If anything, it was a competition to see who could be the loudest. And then, with one question, everything changed:

How do you decide what you teach us?
Thank God the answer to that is a resounding, I don't.
I'm not that smart.

Lord, thank you for speaking even when I feel like I can barely hear You. Thanks for using a broken vessel. Thank you for letting me serve students that are changing everything! Thank you for being sovereign. Thank you for letting me be even a tiny part of Your story in the lives of such amazing people.

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